About Us

Who we are

We continually strive to achieve sustainable success in the building, renovation, and home improvement industry. The range of our services includes construction, renovation, and demolition of buildings, roads, and other structures. We utilize only the most up-to-date means and methods in the execution of our projects, in accordance with the contract. We have a very wide network of subcontractors, reputable and trusted companies specializing in various types of work. This lets us balance the work load and execute projects in an efficient and timely manner.

The company has laid a great emphasis on quality of processes, materials, and delivery. The process and the projects are run and monitored on the ERP system in order to achieve process improvement and deliver quality output to clients spread across the country. The key resources of the company are the competent professionals. It is a young company but successfully competing with the construction companies that have field experience of more than 5 decades. PEB Manufacturing Industries offers customer service as well as technical support from our in house licensed engineers. We provides customers detailed drawings of project together with a complete, fully itemized list of parts and accessories with written warranties to know exactly what they are paying for and be sure that building will perform as expected under various weather and environmental conditions for decades to come. All our parts are manufactured to the tolerances according to the practice followed by Metal Building Manufacturers Association. From the welds on our H-Beams to our long lasting paint finishes, PEB Manufacturing Industries Quality Department only allows material dispatch after rigorous online inspection.


At PEB Manufacturing Industries, we don't just sell steel, we design and engineer PEB in detail so customer is assured that their order is in good hands. PEB Manufacturing Industries staff is experienced in all types of Pre-engineered steel buildings whether it's an aircraft hanger or a two storey structure. Even if customer building is a small backyard shop, customer can be assured that PEB Manufacturing Industries can handle every aspect of the job.

All the designing and casting is done by us in our own fully developed manufacturing factory then it bought to the client site for fixing and joining to form a PEB BUILDING. All components are bolted.


The company firmly believes in the concept of Total Quality Management a process of achievement of total quality by harnessing the commitment of all human resources coupled with construction management and technology, which help the company to surge ahead in its growth path as something that provides benefits to our clients. Considering the emerging economic environment in India, which will escalate growth and development, PEB Manufacturing Industries is interested to work in collaboration with your esteemed organization in near future and will appreciate if a meeting is called, the date, time and venue of which may please be communicated to us.


Single-Source Responsibility
Greater Control
Reduction in Overall Construction Schedule
Improved Risk Management
Greater Cost-effectiveness
Quality Assurance

High quality, reasonable price and sincere service is the motto of the company to which it has always been sticking to. We welcome our new and old customers to establish long-term business relations with us.